Wednesday, May 12, 2010

#VSS Anthology Volume 01

Everyday hundreds of 140-character (or less) stories are posted to Twitter. This is a collection of just a few. # is a hashtag—an identifying marker—allowing users on social networking services to separate out and/or convey certain messages to other users utilizing the same markers. 'VSS' stands for 'very short story'. The #VSS Anthology contains over 150 stories by 37 authors. And I am on Page 26 (willgetback).

Here are the stories if you are too lazy to go there.

1. Starts crash diet. Assassin doesn't recognize.

2. Thugs chase. GPS Specialist takes shortcut.

3. Colour blindness. Traffic Signal. Total blindness.

4. Sappy stories. Never published. Angry letters to the editors demanding
explanation. Published.

5. No suitable match found for rich, handsome, witty, sensitive, clean-shaven Sikh
(* Sikhism as a religion forbids shaving one's facial hair.)

6. City never sleeps. Thief puts himself to sleep.

7. Suspicious stranger offers lift at midnight. Takes the wrong turn. Drops home

8. Once upon a time, there were happy endings in movies, at least.

9. "Rock & Hard Place?"
"You crazy?"
"Devil & Deep Blue Sea?"
"What then? Fire & Frying Pan?"
Scylla & Charybdis were naming their twins.

10. On every page, the autograph book said: I donate all I own to Janet Jones.
Every celebrity laughed when signing.
Who is laughing now?

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