Saturday, February 28, 2009

Abstract Art: Your kid could NOT paint that!

It is said, that Pablo Picasso once found himself in the erudite company of a certain high society lady (the term Page 3 wasn’t coined by then) who had an accusation to make. “Senor Picasso,” she asked, “why don’t you paint something more wholesome and more realistic, instead of all these incomprehensible abstracts?” Picasso smiled politely and asked her, “Ma’am, do you know Chinese?” “What? Well, I suppose not.” She tried her best to camouflage the surprise by indignation. “Then do you think there has been no great work of literature in Chinese, just because you can’t read it?” Picasso pressed on, “Abstract art is also a language, ma’am, you have to learn it to appreciate it.”

The lady was speechless, and so I hope, gentle reader, you would be, when you finish reading my arguments in defense of abstract art.

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