Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crank Call

“Hello, I love you!”
“Damn cute, who is this?”
“You won’t know me, umm… I am your neighbour, sort of…”
“ Let me guess. You are that cute guy from third floor. Nice butt, shy smile? ”
“No, I’m not. Who the hell is he?”
“I don’t know. But do you know him? He seems to be game. One day he even smiled at me.”
“ What? He smiled? And what did you do? Smile back?”
“Excuse me! Why are you yelling? Of course I smiled back.”
“Why am I yelling? Why am I yelling? I love you. Remember?”
“Ok, agreed. But why can’t I love him? You are a neighbour. He is a neighbour. Love thy neighbour, y’know.”
“ You…you…you’re married…how dare you? This is your legally wedded husband speaking!”
“I know honey, take that hanky off your mouth, it must be full of spit by now.”
“So what? I wash my own hanky!”
“Yes dear, you do. And today is V-day, not April fool’s day. Store your pranks for then.”
“Happy Valentine’s Day!”
“Same to you. Coming home early? Or should I call the third floor guy?”

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